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Type of Animal: 
Domestic Short-Hair





Andre and his brother Bocelli were rescued several years ago from a feral cat colony.  Andre is loving and sweet.  He can be a bit timid around new people but he loves other cats and is fine around dogs.

In April 2013 Andre and Bocelli were adopted together. We all rejoiced that two of our favorite cats were getting adopted together, until we received an email a few days later saying that Andre had escaped through a broken window screen and disappeared into the woods. That began an intense 5-week search & rescue endeavor to save Andre, as the woods he ran into are inhabited with coyotes, fox, fisher cats, bobcats, and other wildlife. (We caught two other cats in the traps we set for Andre. One of them (Sunset) had multiple bite wounds all of his body.  He's only alive because he entered Andre's trap!)

On Wednesday, June 5th, 2013, Andre decided his wilderness adventure was over and emerged from hiding.  Luckily the homeowners recognized him from his Lost Cat ad in the paper and the posters plastered all over town.  They even went out of their way to catch him for us!

So Andre and Bocelli are both back at our shelter safe & sound, and frankly, Andre came back more loving than when he left!  (You'll see what we mean if you watch his most recent video at the top.) Interestingly, he and Bocelli are not the bonded pair they once were.  They are still friends, but it seems that Andre has developed a new confidence as well, and now he's ready to come out from Bocelli's shadow and stand on his own four feet.  Andre loves other cats, so it would be nice if he could be adopted into a home with at least one other friendly cat.

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