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Lost & Found Pets

Passion 4 Paws is committed to helping owners reunite with their lost pets. If you have LOST or FOUND a pet, you can upload a photo and the pertinent information regarding the animal here on our Lost & Found Board.  If you have trouble using this page, please CONTACT US with the pertinent information (and a photograph of the animal) and we will make sure to post it here for you.

Also check out the Missing Pet Partnership.

Lost Pets

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becky haggerty

Her name is Charlee. She is a pug mix. She ia beige with a blackish face and a curly tail. She ran off near Quaddick Pond in Thompson CT. She was wearing a brown polka dot harness. She has been lost since late January and I haven't given up hope. Please help bring her home

Paul Nott

T.C. is missing from 1044 Hartford Pike, Dayville. (rt 101 at the E. Killingly line)
He's a large, beige shorthair. 25lbs and missing since 7/30/14
Home 860-248-8710
Office 860-774-4467


Matariki is the tri colour dog and is small, can fit in the crook of your arm very easily. He was last seen between 3.30pm to 4.30 pm today travelling north on Albert St Otahuhu, heading towards the dairy and shops on the Princes St corner. He is the smaller brother to Haeremai. These two have never ever been separated for anything, even for their baths!


Haeremai is missing from his whare. The last sighting was around 4pm. He was travelling west along Princes St, heading in the direction of the Police Station. They are small dogs, and can fit in the crook of your arm easily. If you see them, please pm me on FB, or here are the numbers for the SPCA in Mangere, 50 Westney Rd, Mangere, Auckland 2022


Polaris went missing on 3/26/14 from Pleasant Street in Putnam CT. The back door blew open with the strong winds and he became scared and ran out. He is all white, kinda portly, and very timid. He is not wearing a collar. He is my best friend and I miss him desperately!! Please contact me at 860-230-4734 with any information. A LARGE REWARD is being offered for his safe return.


She is a chug which is a pug-chihuahua mix. She looks more like a pug. Has the tan coloring with black face. She has a harness which is pink and brown and a leash that is pink. She dislikes anyone with their hood up as she was beaten. She ran away in the area of Quaddick lake. If found please call 8604208263

Ruby Rose

My name is Baby (sometimes called "boy" by my best friend in this picture). I am from Danielson and have lost my way from home. I know I am loved and missed so very much. If I see you I will love you so you'll know its me. I purr all the time and love to snuggle.

Come Back, Rory!

Rory is a sweet, 10 month old male cat. He meows A LOT! He is white with some tan spots, He has long hair and a fluffy tail. This picture was taken in the Spring, so he is bigger.

Cynthia Bealer

Rory is a sweet, 10 month old male cat. He meows A LOT! He is white with some tan spots, He has long hair and a fluffy tail. He has been missing from Clinton, CT since 7.27.13

My contact information is:

Cynthia Bealer
20 Pepperbush Drive
Clinton, CT 06413
860-552-4244; 860-575-5987

Thank you!

Miranda Colon

Her name is mama, she is almost 9 years old, shes completely black, she is on the overweight side, she is normally not a very shy cat, she has green eyes and a very girly/prissy meow, she went missing off of arnio dr in moosup on 7-26-2013, if anybody has any information about where she might have gone please contact me however you can


Harry is male, about 12 pounds, and is microchipped. He has reddish-brown coat with black spots, no tail, and is double-pawed. He is uneasy around strangers and likely to struggle and hiss if picked up. Harry has digestive issues that sometimes require medication.


3 year old female cat, tortoise color with split facial coloring. Very very lovable, missing a few weeks now

Heather Andren

Boris is a large part Maine Coon Cat mix. Black and brown long fur. Big fluffy tail. Friendly.

Maggie Donald Kershner

African Grey Congo Parrot. Named Maggie. Speaks and say Maggie and Rupter, Milo, Loves to kiss and clucks. Makes Cat and dog sounds. Says Talk to you later and goodbye. Gray with white face and red tail feathers. 12 inches tall.She is very sweet and loves peanuts. 270-275-0139 Hartford, Kentucky lost at my house. Sept 21st 2012

Sammy Gurl

She is a Calico cat and She is from Moosup,ct on Prospect St.
PLEASE Help her find her way home,we miss her.
You can contact us by email at
Thank you so much

Jenny - Lost in Marlborough, MA

Last seen Tuesday, 6/26/2012 at 10 Royal Crest Drive in Marlborough, MA.  Jenny is most likely still around the apartment complex, but could have travelled towards Hosmer Road, Briarwood Lane, Kings Grant Road, Old Charter Road, Clinton Street, or


Large, short haired, black, neutered male cat with green eyes. He tends to slink around and is VERY shy. Last seen in my backyard at 14 main ST Central Village, he was chased away by a loose neighborhood dog and has been missing ever since. That was nearly 2 months ago and he is VERY missed. $50 reward for info leading to his return.

Found Pets

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Silver tiger

He was at our door and he came right inside . Very Friendly male. silver grey tiger with black markings.