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Eudora & Eunike (bonded pair)

Type of Animal: 
DSH Tabby & Tiger Mix




Meet EUDORA & EUNIKE, two of the most COURAGEOUS, LOVING & JOYFUL SURVIVORS you will ever meet.

EUDORA & EUNIKE have been with us since June 2020 after spending a month at Animal Control. They were found alone at a construction site in Waterbury, CT at barely 8 weeks old.  EUDORA & EUNIKE both suffer from a condition called cerebellar hyerplasia (CH), which affects their motor skills, causing them to walk with a splayed, wobbly, swimmers gait. It's amazing they survived outside all alone on their own since they were unable to fend for themselves.

We named them EUNIKE & EUDORA after two of the Nereides, sea-nymph daughters of Nereus, the old man of the sea.  

The most important thing to know about EUDORA & EUNIKE is that they love their life and have no idea that they are different or have special needs.  They are truly two of the most JOYFUL animals you will ever meet.  They are hilariously goofy, playful, cuddly, and all around awesome.  They have taught us so much about dealing with the challenges life throws at us, and we want more than anything to find them a loving forever home.

In addition to having CH, EUNIKE & EUDORA were suffering from the absolute worst urinary tract infections our vet had ever experienced when they were rescued. As we fought a months-long battle with the UTIs, we discovered that the girls were retaining and then leaking urine, but weren't sure whether it was because of their infections or whether something else was going on.

It took multiple vet appointments and a couple trips to Guardian Veterinary Specialists in Brewster, NY to consult with Dr. Jason Berg, a veterinarian double board certified in internal medicine and neurology to finally put all the pieces of the puzzle together. Meeting Dr. Berg was a true game changer, as he fine tuned the girls' medications which helps manage their condition. The fact that they had to drag their little bodies with splayed legs all over that filthy construction site in Waterbury for the first 2 months of their lives certainly didn't help them.

EUDORA & EUNIKE are only considered "special needs" because they need an owner who is observant and willing to go the extra mile for their cats.  They can walk, they can run, they can climb, and most of the time you wouldn't even know they have CH.  But they do need to have their bladders expressed 2-3 times a day (3 times a day is best).  This sounds like a lot, but we have it down to a science, and it's super easy and expressing them 3 x day effectively keeps them from retaining and leaking urine. It's that simple.  Their foster mom puts them right in the litter box to express them and they practically express themselves under warm running water.  

EUDORA & EUNIKE currently take two medications, Bethanecol and Prazosin. The cost for the meds is approximately $100 for a 6 week supply for both cats depending on what dose they are getting. However, if their bladders are properly expressed 3 times per day they could probably get away without taking any medication or at least a lower dose.  EUDORA benefits from the medications more than EUNIKE, who seems to do well with just bladder expression.  We will consult with you at great length to explain everything and share all that we've learned. 

We are looking for that special someone who can accept EUDORA & EUNIKE for the amazing, loving cats that they are, and who doesn't care that they have special needs. We will teach their adopter everything they need to know about how to care for EUDORA & EUNIKE so that they can all live a long and healthy, amazing life together.

If you are looking for two really special cats to bring hope and joy into your life, then look no further. Go to and submit an online application to adopt a cat. They're waiting.

EUDORA & EUNIKE were born approximately 3.28.2020. They are negative for feline aids (FIV) and leukemia (FeLV).