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Type of Animal: 
African Grey Parrot



Nick the African Grey was adopted from Passion 4 Paws during the Spring of 2012.  His adoptive owner loved him to pieces, but a family emergency kept her away from home for days at a time, and Nick was left all alone.  He was accustomed to being out in the house all day, eating breakfast and dinner with his family (he loves corn on the cob), and the ongoing solitude was making him depressed. Sadly, his owner decided Nick needed to find a new home.  So Nick came back to Passion 4 Paws and the search for a forever home began all over again. The problem is not finding someone who wants to adopt Nick. It seems lots of people want to adopt an African Grey Parrot. The problem is finding the right person to adopt him. Nick has a great personality.  He's smart, funny, and socialBut he does not want to be held, so his adopter must understand and be comfortable with that.  Otherwise they put themselves at risk for getting bitten.

We are accepting applications from experienced and committed owners only.  If you are interested in adopting Nick, please click here to send us an email and we will send you an application in return.